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I've been trading on e-commerce store but haven't see the one that's as effective as shopzlend, I never regret trading on shopzlend, everything looks great, I never regret trading on shopzlend cus things there are affordable and they keep to time for their delivery.
Abidoye Hakeem
Online Store(e-commerce)


Shopzlend is an Online store (e-commerce) plaform where different buyers and sellers meet to transact, its created to allow flexible and easy sales

Information Update

Sunmence Blog

Sunmence Blog is a blogging website use for updating humans across the word about latest news on technology

Ever since the time i have been using sunmenceblog for update on technology, i felt like i am always a step ahead
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Olatunji Baki
Distribution and Receiving Information has been difficult, Most especially Real and accurate messages, but ever since the time i registered to MySmsAlert Receiving accurate message as been awesome, so i really think sharing the school information via SMS have really been a great idea
Okoro Chinyere
Information software


Mysmsalert is an Information website design to help disseminate information to student from their various Institution to their mobile device via text-messages.

Our Clients

Here are the list of our client we are rendering service for and their website is been built by the organization

360dwaif known as 360 Degrees What Am I Foundation, its an NGO that helps in empowerment of youth...
Oboyentertainment is a SouthAfrica and Nigeria based entertainment record label...
Omoosun Herbal mixture is a Herbal company that produces herbal product for healthy living...
AOCAfrica is an Africa based NGO that helps in empowerment of people across Africa...

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