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Our Story​


SUNMENCE is derived from the word SUNkanmi developMEnt SequeNCE, whereby the “Development Sequence” is used in replace of the word “Technology”. It was founded by Mr. Olatunji Ibrahim, on the 8th of December 2018, and then it was launched on the 1st of January 2019, along with his official website www.sunmence.com.ng.

Sunmence started its operation as an IT (Information Technology) Organization on the 2nd of January 2019, by creating awareness of the organization via social media and also with the use of business card, T-shirt and stickers.

On the 13th February 2019, the official blog page was created in which contains news in other to create awareness for our customers about what is going on around the world and keep them updated with latest update on technology, the blog page is “blog.sunmence.com.ng”, later on the Mobile App (Mobile Application) for Android devices was created and it can only be installed from the websites.

On the 9th of July 2019, the business solution project was added in which Sunmence helps in overview with the current problem an organization is facing related to ICT (Information Communication Technology) and help in providing solution to it.

Sunmence we are Information Technology (IT) expert that helps in maintenance of ICT equipment and providing business solution to allow you achieve your set objective swiftly.

Sunmence is a group of Highly skilled and Knowledgeable IT professionals, we help in resolving ICT issues and Making the world a better place, friendly, and easy with technology.  

Sunmence has worked with several individuals by providing It support either online (Online IT Desk Help Support) or physically, without any inconvenience. The Organization Color comprises of Green and white. The Logo of the Organization is a circled letter “S”, at the top side the world Sunkanmi Development Sequence is written and the down part contains SUNMENCE

What We Offer

Below are part of the services we offer in our organization they are been delivered in high quality and standard.

Web Design
Web Designer 99%
Business Solution
Business Solution 79%
Grapics Design
Grapics Design 90%
Online Event
Online Event 83%
Device Management
Device Management 91%
Project Management
Project Management 76%

Our M.V.C

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Making the world a safer place with technology


be the best ICT solution providing organization


Consistently we are good in quality, performance, Transparency, Respect for people, Team work and

Core Values

why you need us

95% of humans on the earth, are internet based, we design a a quality websites for you, that can allow you to show the world what are your services that you are rendering or your business.

99% of business transactions are carried out on the internet and social media with the use of information communication technology (ICT), we can help you maintain your laptop, desktop generally pc’s in other to avoid break down during business hours.

55% percent of documentations are done manually not automatically, which leads to loss of necessary data, we can help you create a Database for the record of your transactions and data to eradicate your chances of loss.

80% if humans are on social media, let’s help you design a template containing information about your business and then broadcast it on our social media platforms.

Most of the event are now been done both online and physically, lets help you plan the online event for the live streaming and anything related to tech

Most of the recent small scale entrepreneur start-up businesses faces lot of challenges on their business and they don’t know where and how to start their business, we help in reviewing and providing solution.

We Provide the Best Service in ICT

We are available 24/7 to give you our best services in high quality and demand

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